The act or the process of returning something to its earlier good condition or position is called restoration. Our focus is same . We utilize all our resources and skills to bring your property/Building/Structure to its earlier good condition or status.

We are proud to mention that we have expert team of Structural engineers / Civil Engineers and project managers to provide you complete solution on Repairs and Restoration for the issues like Structural deterioration, terrace leakages, External & Internal cracks etc.


Our Consultancy services includes

1. Visual Survey of Building

2. Structural Audit

3. Finalizing best Material and applications to solve the problem

4. Preparing Tender of Work

5. Floating tender and Finalising the Contractor

6. Preparing Time schedule and payment schedules

7. Legal Documentations between contractor and Society

8. Monitoring the entire work for best results

9. Closing the projects with as built drawings and bills settling.


Type of Structural Audits

1. Rebound hammer test for surface test of concrete.

2. Ultra sonic pulse velocity for RCC column, beams for soundness.

3. Half-cell Potential test report for steel corrosion.

4. Carbonation testing for concrete.

5. Digital Moisture Meter test for leakage detection.

6. Chemical analysis

7. Cement aggregate Ratio.

8. Crack width microscope test.

9. Profometer tests to check cover depth of concrete.

10. Core cutting of concrete for testing its chemical properties & strength at lab.