As per document available with Society, feasibility report should be done with following points:

(Experts Required: 1) Architect, 2) Chartered Accountant.)

Step-1. To determine what is maximum permissible carpet area in the project.

Step-2. To determine what is total project cost which include Construction cost, Approval Cost including TDR, Fungible fsi, all premiums, fees, Rent for construction period, Corpus fund to society, Miscellaneous expenses. Interest on blocked investment.

Step-3. To recover project cost, how much carpet area required to sale?

Step-4. Balance carpet area for existing members.

Step-5. Evaluation of above steps to finalize the strategy for the proposal.

Step 2. Fund raising for Project -The ways / sources of financing

Experts required : 1) Chartered Accountant, 2) Project Manager 3. Architect

Purchasing saleable area by own members.

Purchasing saleable area by members relatives, friends and people from close circle.

Advertisement for saleable area or appointing an agency to sale this area.

Appointing Contractor who will complete the project and take his bill in form of saleable area.( Barter System)

Appointing Selling agents to sell the area

Borrowing loan from reputed banks.

Discussions with society members for finalising the best finance option. Taking action on that finance options

Experts required : 1) Design Architect, 2) Architectural Draftsman, 3) 3 D Visualiser

As per the strategy finalized in the feasibility repor, prepare the plan for the redevelopment proposal, where in Architect and team will consider the requirement of existing members as well as sale aspect. Further they will take the cognizance of various D.C. Regulations and existing site conditions.

After finalizing draft plan, team will prepare final plans, schematic view of the building

Experts required : 1) Architect 2) Civil Engineers 3. Liasoning Team

As per the final plans, Architect will prepare municipal drawings and Liasoning team will obtain various required documents and submit the proposal in building proposal department.

PMC team will obtain various NOCs such as CFO NOC and EETC NOC

Process the file to obtain approval from Hon’ble Municipal Commissioner for entire proposal.

Obtain IOD and CC.

Guide society to obtain TDR from the open market and process the file for TDR deduction.

Experts required : 1) Structural Designer, 2) Civil Engineers

As per the final plans, Structural Engineer will prepare the structural drawings for the same in a cost effective manner but fulfilling all requisite conditions.

Specification of work.

Specification of Material brand and quality.

Resources/ Infrastructure available with contractor.

Financial Capability of Contractors.

List of project completed.

Conditions of contract Offers from bidders.

Legal points of tender documents, penalty clauses & termination clauses.

Minimum possible Cost of Project.

Experts required : 1) Legal Advisor2 Civil Contractor 3. Project Manager

Completion period

Payment release dates

Reporting system

Discipline on site.

Infrastructure required on site.

Supervision and monitoring systems

Penalty clauses.

Termination points.

Time schedule of project will include following main points.

Experts required : 1) Project Manager, 2) Civil Engineers

Each activity of the Project to be carried out.

Time required for each activity

Cash flow requirement of each activity.

Penalty clauses & termination clauses.

Quality Check points of each activity.

Reporting/ Monitoring system

Weekly/Monthly feedback meetings schedule

Feedback reports to Society.

Experts required : 1) Project Managers, 2) Project Co-ordinators, 3) Architect, 4) Civil Engineers, 5) Chartered Accountant, 6) Quality Controller

Monitoring the project as per plan and schedule

Supervising each activities every day.

Controlling things which are not happening as per planning

Checking quality of every material delivered on site.

Co-ordination meeting of all team members.

Feedback meeting with society members.

(Experts Required-1. Project manager 2. Architect 3. Civil Engineer)

Closing the Project by all means

Settling Bills of vendors, Contractors and Consultants

Settling Loan account

To provide total file of as built drawings to the society.

To retain all the guarantee / warrantee documents.

To handover all the agreements, documents carried out with contractors and different agencies.

To acquire carpet area certificate of redeveloped flat to all members of the society.

To acquire of redevelopment project completion certificate to society.

To acquire Occupation certificate for project

To obtain various completion certificates.

1. Administration

(Experts required : 1) Admin Managers, 2) Civil Engineers, 3) Office Staff)

PMC Team provides Legal, Architectural, Engineering and work co-ordination services under one roof.

PMC will keep one Administration person stationed at your society as one point contact for all the above work of the project

All the documentations, paying the rent amounts of tenants and demolition procedures

All the activities of the self redevelopment will be informed to society well in advance.

RERA Registration and related work.

All the Legal, Architectural, Engineering work will be executed, monitored by PMC expert administration team.

PMC have a periodic reporting system in place (To society) for all the projects.

All the records will be retained and handed over to society at the end of each activity. PMC have complaint / inquiry slot kept in our every periodic progress meetings, which are conducted in all the stakeholders of the project.

2.Marketing of Saleable Flats to generate required funds for redevelopment.

(Experts required : 1) Project Managers, 2) Business Development Managers, 3) Chartered Accountant)

Marketing saleable area to own members.

Marketing saleable area to member’s relatives, friends and people from close circle.

Advertisement for saleable area by hoardings in newspapers.

Appointing professional agency to sale this area under our monitoring.

Monitoring and guiding selling agency for rates,areas,fast selling technics,Minimum rate of final sell etc.

Closing the selling activity

Maintaning Payment schedules

New Construction Projects
Redevelopment Projects
Self redevelopment Projects
Projects under RERA
Land owned Projects
Bungalow Schemes
Holiday Homes
Chemical factories
Corporate Houses
Sugar factories
Infrastructure Projects